Former Miss Jamaica Contestant and JetBlue Flight Attendant Arrested with over $3 Million in Cocaine

(Photo: NBC News – Tyronne Payton)
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A JetBlue flight attendant who authorities say left behind 70 pounds of cocaine worth up to $3 million after flinging off her heels and running from security at Los Angeles International Airport was arrested Wednesday in New York.

Marsha Gay Reynolds surrendered to federal authorities at John F. Kennedy International Airport, though it wasn’t immediately clear how she reached New York, federal officials said.

It has been confirmed that Reynolds, 32, who appeared in federal court today in Brooklyn, was the second runner-up in the Miss Jamaica pageant in 2008, according to NBC News. Reynolds is an New York University grad who is a U.S. citizen with Jamaican heritage. She worked for JetBlue for the last six years and was working towards a nursing degree, NBC reported.

Although a New York judge approved a half a million dollar bail package secured by her mother and pastor’s homes,  a final decision was delayed until tomorrow until California courts weigh in. Prosecutors want her in custody until she can be extradited to Los Angeles, but if bail is approved, she will be confined to her Queens home and to nursing classes, says NBC. An as yet unidentified alleged co-conspirator may have been trying to leave the U.S. but has not been captured yet.

“She a good girl who comes from a good family,” Alan Jennings, a Reynolds family spokesman said outside the courtroom. “She’s done everything right in her life up to this point. More to the story is going to come out.”

On the streets of Los Angeles, Massino said the retail value of the cocaine could be as high as $3 million.

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Security threats from ‘insiders,’ including airline and airport employees and workers hired by contractors, have been a focus of the TSA, particularly after the December 2014 arrest of several Delta Air Lines baggage handlers. Prosecutors allege they smuggled guns, including an AK-47, from Atlanta to New York.

The TSA has said that full screening of all employees would cost too much. Instead, the agency has urged airports to increase random screenings of workers and to keep background checks up to date.

‘We will pay particular attention to the insider threat,’ TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger told a Senate committee earlier this month.

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