Dr. Lavonia Smith: Making a Difference One Child at a Time with STEM

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Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers offer high paying jobs, but these careers are underrepresented by children in our community.  Yet, STEM jobs keep the world turning.  Dr. Lavonia Smith recognized a problem and sought out ways to make a difference one child at a time.

She explains that  innovative careers  such as architectural drafters, computer programmers, biologists, psychologists, and video game designers involve the disciplines of STEM.  If you’ve watched drama-related TV shows like “Law and Order SUV” and “Grey’s Anatomy,”  then you’ve probably realized that the characters in these shows have STEM careers.

Pointing out daily uses  of technology  can spark an interest in the sciences.  Parents seeking to find ways to help build their child’s  interest in some of the future’s highest paying jobs and careers can do so by  introducing their children to an environment of science and technology outside of school.    One such environment lies tucked away in Pickerington, Ohio and is owned and operated by Dr. Lavonia Smith.  Dr. Smith is from Hazlehurst, Georgia and is a veteran of the United States Navy.  With many years of experience working  for the federal and state government in various educational roles, Dr. Smith is a strong advocate for ensuring that all kids are provided the same educational opportunity as the next child.  Her business is not just a service, it is a calling in which she was lead to do.

In 2013, Dr. Smith started DLS Education & STEM Services, a non-profit organization  to assist children with developing skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  By offering classes on building robots and designing web pages, Dr. Smith and her team of dedicated volunteers and staff take on a vital role in improving the community they live in by giving kids and young adults the inspiration to be successful.   The organization also provides  GED preparation, Tutoring, Educational Counseling, and Military and Veteran services.

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The organization has done numerous STEM projects in the k-12 public schools system and educational institutions  to engage students and inspire them to pursue a STEM degree or career field.   DLS Education & STEM Services is making moves to offer their services in other states outside of Ohio.  They will be conducting a STEM Camp in Hazlehurst, Georgia this summer.

For more information on DLS Education & STEM Services visit  www.dlseducationservices.org.

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