The Hair Artist Salon 2001: A Lesson in Delivering Extreme Quality and Customer Service with Consistency

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The Hair Artist Salon 2001: A Lesson in Delivering Extreme Quality and Customer Service –

Finding a hair salon in Raleigh is really easy. There’s one every few miles or so. But finding a hair salon where extreme quality and customer service is the first priority is another story.

Many salon owners and stylists boast about having the best stylists working in their salons, but yet they wonder why they can’t keep any clients. If this is the reality of your salon and your appointment book is on empty, then you may want to take a step back to examine how your clients are being treated.

To highlight one of the best stylist/hair artist all around and a salon with a very long and proven track record for excellent customer service, we caught up with Wanda Lawrence, owner of Salon 2001 and got the inside scoop on her success.

Straight out of high school to owning her own salon, Wanda Lawrence has been in business for over 25 years.  During her high school years, she was always voted “Best Hair.” So, no one ever doubted that she would be a talented and successful hair stylist.

At the core of her business thinking, there is a promise Wanda has made  to her customers at Salon 2001.  That promise is to be committed to delivering extreme quality and customer service with consistency.

Although, talented beyond all measures of the imagination, this salon owner and artist remains humble and admits that it’s not so much her talent that keeps clientele coming back, but it’s mostly her customer service.

Wands The Hair ArtistShe explained, “Setting a tone for your establishment is very important.  Always be professional. 80% percent of my business success comes from my ability to consistently deliver the best customer service experience I possibly can.  You wouldn’t expect your doctor or lawyer to act in an unprofessional manner during your visit to them, so why would you act any other way than in a professional manner in your own salon?”

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Wanda has always kept one question at the forefront of her mind.  Beyond the services you offer and the products you use, what reasons do your clients have to keep coming to your salon? Her answer: “The experience your clients have in your salon will resonate with them far longer than the hair style you just gave them. Making sure you give each of your clients an experience they’ll never forget, will not only keep them coming back, but they’ll tell all their friends about it!”

“Treat each customer as if they were a guest in your home,” Wanda stated. “Greeting your clients goes further than just a simple “Hello.  I welcome each customer to my salon!” You may even go as far as taking their coat and giving them a tour to make them feel like your salon is the place they belong.”

This approach to excellent customer service has clients lining up for appointments and a chance to have their hair styled by Wanda. But, if you’re looking to get in for an appointment, you better be willing to wait up to one year.  That’s right.  One year.  Salon 2001 has a long list of loyal clientele who have been coming to Wanda for over 15 years.  And with all the great customer reviews, setting an appointment a year in advance is well worth it.

Wanda has plans on launching Salon Clinics in the near future, not only to teach about hair and make-up, but also to share successful business tips with entrepreneurs in the hair styling industry.

Salon 2001 is conveniently located at the intersection of Millbrook Road and Atlantic Avenue in north Raleigh, NC.

You can follow Wanda and Salon 2001 on Facebook and Instagram.


Photo Credtis @WandaTheHairArtist

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