Steps to Care For Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair

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Steps to Care For Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair | Chocolate Informed Online Magazine

Understanding how to care for your natural virgin Brazilian Remy and other Hair extensions should certainly be an important subject .  Since  these hair extensions are expensive and you expect them to last for a long time, Chocolate Informed has compiled information to help you manage your hair extensions.

What is Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair?  Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair is hair that  has not been processed with any chemicals.  Brazilian Remy hair comes in various textures and grades.  While wearing Brazilian Remy, expect to experience hair with a very soft and strong  curl.   This hair is popular and ideal for women wanting that curly bouncy feel.

Brazilian Remy is soft to the touch with body and sheen.  It can be worn naturally straight, but will also hold a firm curl or other variations. It delivers long lasting quality without shedding or tangling.  You’ll experience a beautiful textured hair with a bit of deep wave.  Virgin Remy is the highest quality hair and will not shed or tangle.  This hair can be worn straight, but will also hold a firm curl or many other variations. Cuticles in each strand of hair are aligned in the same direction.

Virgin weave is very easy to manage and can be purchased online at a reasonable price.  Learn more about virgin weave prices on our Brazilian Hair Shop page and Luxurious Hair Extensions page.

The steps to managing your new head full of beautiful hair are:

index - Copy (1) wash hair with sulfate free shampoo and use moisturizing conditioners; (2) use a paddle brush and a wide tooth comb; (3) do not use a ton of oils on your hair;  (4) Do not use chemicals on your hair without first consulting with a professional.

The 4 steps above are essential to managing your hair, but it’s necessary to provide a little more detail on how the hair should be taken care of to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Washing Virgin Remy Hair Extensions
Always brush your hair before you get into the shower. This limits breakage and tangling when the hair gets wet.
• Let the shower head do the work, wetting your hair in a light downward motion.
• Do not use too much shampoo (no Sulfate).  Squeeze a quarter size of shampoo into your palm.

• Lather your hair at the roots, massaging gently AROUND the extension attachments. Avoid touching these if you can. No Sulfate shampoo’s will not produce much lather , so do not worry, it will still do its job.
• You can now move on to the rest of your hair. Split this into manageable sections, about two on each side. Use your palms to spread the lather at the roots down through each section. By using a downward motion, sandwich each section of your hair in your palms and rub down to clean. The hair will remain strong and breakage is minimized.
• Rinse your scalp, again letting the shower do the work. Repeat the palm wash process , but with a smaller amount of shampoo and just as gentle.
• Lastly, apply a small amount of Almond or Coconut oil over the strands of your hair.
• A blast of cool water (as cold as you can cope with) at the very end will close the cuticles and ensure the hair is left smooth and shiny.
• While your hair is still wet, use your fingers to lightly separate the hair and continue this process with a wide-toothed comb to ensure no sections are joined or intertwined.
• Pat the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture and gently wrap your hair in the towel at the back of your head – never wrap up in a turban on top!
• After an hour, remove the towel and allow the hair to air-dry .

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• It’s important to realize when your hair feels and looks dry. In order to preserve the moisture in your Real Hair Extensions you can use natural oils and lotions that contain Almond or Coconut 2-3 times a week as part of a weekly routine.  Consider only  using pure natural oils and lotions for moisturizing your hair.

Brushing & Maintaining Your Hair Extensions
• You MUST brush your hair in the mornings and at night before bed.
• Covering your hair with a scarf before going to sleep will prevent frizzing and tangling and is highly recommended.
• Carry a brush in your bag. Wind, rain and pollution can affect our hair and it may need a little tidy up from time to time during the day.

Watch a video on how I care for my curly hair

• Avoid over-washing your hair.  Over-washing can loosen your extensions. Use small amounts of natural products and your hair will stay cleaner for longer. Also,
• Never use a brush on your hair when it’s wet. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb.
• NEVER go to bed with wet hair!
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