North Carolina and Syracuse Most Fitting Final Four Game Ever

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Next week North Carolina and Syracuse will face off in the Final Four, but the headlines will likely feature just as much  about North Carolina’ reports of fake classes that a disproportionate number of athletes took to help stay eligible.  It’ s without a doubt one of the most embarrassing academic scandals in NCAA history.

Given the state of college sports, North Carolina-Syracuse is quite possibly the most fitting Final Four game ever. The NCAA will dread a whole week on the topic.

We all get to remember Syracuse’s self-imposed postseason ban; Jim Boeheim’s nine-game suspension this year for failing to monitor his program; a report that North Carolina’s 2005 championship team had players accounting for 35 enrollments in classes that didn’t meet and produced easy, high grades; and the NCAA dragging its feet for years about truly investigating North Carolina until it had virtually no choice.

North Carolina-Syracuse gives more media members a timely and important reason to dig deeply into how pockets of college athletes get passed through the system without being educated. No matter what fans and coaches of North Carolina and Syracuse say, that’s a good thing to scrutinize education instead of buying into the NCAA propaganda.

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