Johnny Gill Talks About the Resurgence of R&B Music and New Video with New Edition

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Johnny Gill and New Edition are back, and looking better than ever.   Johnny Gill talked with Billboard and had the following to say about the resurgence of R&B and his career.

There’s a resurgence of great established and new R&B artists and songs happening. It’s just a matter of us coming together to keep pushing the boundaries; to be respected and get back to a place where people will listen and understand that R&B should not be at the bottom of the totem pole.

Learning how to not be dependent. I sat out for 15 years not recording because I was looking for a record deal. Then you start questioning your confidence. I woke up one day and decided why am I sitting here waiting for somebody to do something for me? My talent hasn’t eroded. Then [Notifi founder] Ira DeWitt said I needed to put out new music [starting with 2011’s Still Winning]. And Jamie Foxx told me there’s a void and you can fill it. “You’re the last dying breed of crooners,” he said. “My studio is open any time you want to come.” I’m like OK … maybe I was missed.

Johnny Gill and New Edition released the video for the song “This One’s for Me and You,” and it’s definitely reminiscent of the old-school NE sound we loved back in the day.  The set — the first under his own label J Skillz Entertainment and the  song is a love letter to the women in their lives, and of course there’s the NE dance moves. You have to give it to them—they still have it.

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