NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Gives North Carolina an Ultimatum on All Star Game 2017

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday that if North Carolina’s LGBT law remains unchanged, the 2017 All-Star Game would have to be moved from Charlotte.  The Charlotte Observer reported that Silver’s comments on the state’s controversial House Bill 2 came at the Associated Press Sports Editors’ commissioner meetings Thursday, according to attendees. Earlier in the day, Silver again called the law “problematic” for the league as it stands, but he said he’s confident state lawmakers will “do the right thing.”

When co-host Mike Golic asked Silver what he would do if he were in Springsteen’s shoes, Silver said he faced a conundrum because the NBA has a team in North Carolina and is hosting playoff games in Charlotte.

“I’m not sure what statement we would have been making by pulling the All-Star Game but saying we’re absolutely fine playing our playoff game in Charlotte,” Silver said.

“What’s most important to this league is that there be a change in the law. It’d be easy to make a statement, but I can’t cut and run here. I’m leaving my team there,” he added.

Silver, a graduate of Duke University known for having little tolerance of issues he finds discriminatory, said he’s optimistic about a change to the law.

“It’s an incredible state, and it’s always had a reputation of being a progressive Southern state, and I believe they’re going to do the right thing,” Silver said.

June 23, 2015. Chuck Burton AP

June 23, 2015. Chuck Burton AP

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