Iskra Lawrence: Model Who Made Her Own Path After Being Rejected Spreads Empowering Message

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In February, 25-year-old British model, Iskra Lawrence was introduced as Aerie’s new spokes model and since then she has been taking the fashion world by storm—and she’s spreading her empowering message of body acceptance everywhere she goes reports Self Magazine.

The brand’s body positive campaign, AerieREAL, aims to celebrate women’s appearances just as they are, complete with stretch marks, cellulite, and every shape and size. Lawrence, who wears a size 14 and radiates confidence, is the perfect woman to represent the movement.

‘I wanted to be part of this campaign so much because I was told that I wasn’t good enough and I could never make it,’ she says in a new video as she breaks into tears. ‘And then Aerie told me that I was beautiful because I was me.’ 

Iskra-Lawrence Inst

Lawrence defines beauty as “being you, owning you, and finding everything about yourself beautiful.”   She reveals that when she first attempted to break into modeling, she was turned away from both straight-size and plus-size modeling opportunities, because her figure wasn’t considered quite “right” for either. “So I got to this point where I was like, I need to make my own path.”  “I need to just be Iskra and I’ve got to believe in me or else no one will.”


Iskra doesn’t believe in dieting, airbrushing or retouching any of her photos, and she makes this all very clear on Instagram. “Nothing I love more than creating raw images,” she captioned one photo. “The vulnerability of no retouching or make up is so real and as a model I want to show who I truly am because beauty is not defined by anyone but you.”

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Iskra Lawrence tearfully reveals she was told she ‘could never make it’ in fashion as she shows off her stunning figure in unretouched bikini campaign video below.
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Iskra Dancing after a good day in the media.

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