Beyoncé: Solving The Mystery in Her “Lemonade” Movie and Album

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We finally get a chance at solving  Beyoncé’s mysterious “Lemonade.”  The singer revealed the mystery when she presented her new music Saturday night in a series of stylized music videos using spoken word, fashion, and lots of lyrics about relationships, infidelity, empowerment and love.  She told the story of a woman not to be trifled with. The “visual album” offered something the music world has never seen before. (CNN)

Beyonce Yellow Sunflower Dress

Billboard reports, that Beyoncé’s hour-long HBO presentation Lemonade on Saturday (April 23),  introduced the world to a visual album with a series of deep cuts that not only dominated the conversation on timelines but also offered an inside look into the mind — and heart — of the mysterious Mrs. Carter.

The emotional ride began with a field of tall plants, a grey stone building and Beyoncé, clad in a black hoodie zipped over her head, singing, “You can’t taste the dishonesty/ It’s all over your breath.” Gasps ensued. “I prayed I’d catch you whispering/ I pray you catch me listening.” Was the opener a public reprimanding of her husband, Jay Z? (Rumors of his alleged infidelity ran rampant surrounding Elevator-gate.)

Before viewers could jump to further conclusions, Beyoncé captivated with both her visuals and lyrics. For “Denial,” she walks over to a building ledge barefoot and jumps off the side of a building before plunging into a bedroom that is underwater, as she asks the question “Are you cheating on me?”

In the clip below, Beyoncé appears in a soaking-wet sunflower yellow dress grabbing a bat and smashing car windows, belting lines like “Don’t wanna lose my pride/But I’ma fuck me up a bitch” and “What’s worse — looking jealous or crazy?”

Saluting generations of strong black women, in a chapter titled “Freedom,” Beyoncé recruits actress-singer Zendaya, actress Amandla Stenberg as well as supermodel Winnie Harlow, for one of the pivotal emotional moments of the film. The mothers of police brutality victims like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin later appear with photos of their sons. Read more…

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Catch the best moments from the masterpiece, “Lemonade.”

Watch the trailer below.

You can stream the full album now through Tidal below.

beyonce lemonade


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