Amara La Negra: “AYY” Unapologetic and Comfortable in The Skin She’s In

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Will the world get to see the Miami born, Dominican singer, Amara La Negra perched at her throne? Will she make her mark á la Celia Cruz or Beyoncé? One thing’s for certain: she’s gunning for her legacy.

The name La Negra is a term of endearment for dark-skinned women and Amara La Negra has become increasingly popular in a Caribbean nation overflowing with racism.  This beautiful 24 year old is taking over the scene with her killer curves and she is unapologetic about how she wears her hair and the skin she’s in.  She represents  for Afro-Latinas and plump derrières  while destabilizing traditional modes of sexuality in genres like Reggaetón reports Vibe Magazine.

“One of the reasons I’m so rebellious and I wear my hair from my head attached to my body, is because for many years I was told this bulls–t lie that in order to be beautiful, I had to have straight hair, because my hair was too ‘unmanageable.’”

Amara La Negra

Amara has been performing since the age of one and recalls when she won her first trophy in 1991.
“I was born in 1990,” she states. “It was a beauty pageant, so I didn’t really know what was going on. But it was in my system. I’ve always loved to perform. I’ve always loved to sing. I’m a great entertainer and it comes natural to me. All my life, I’ve been pretty much sure this is what I want to do.”

She has no major-label backing or fancy campaigns pushing her work, a testament to her hustle and prowess behind the mic. And while Amara admits to feeling exhausted on some days, she shows no signs of stopping.  Read more on Amara La Negra….

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Check out Amara La Negra in the videos below.



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