Phylicia Goins: ‘Believing in You’ How this 23 Year Old Launched Her Own Business on a Leap of Faith

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Believing in You: How 23 Year Old Phylicia Goins Launched Her Own Business on a Leap of Faith

On April 11, 2016, L’Enfant Plaza welcomed its first black owned business when entrepreneur,  Phylicia Goins opened the doors to  She’s The Barber – Barber Studio.

We’ve all heard the stories of successful people and to many of us it seems that they got to their level of success overnight.   But we sometimes focus so much on what looks like overnight success that we overlook the hard work and determination that goes into being successful.

Have you ever stopped to ask, “What is it that successful people have that I don’t?”  Well, in many instances, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t opportunity, intelligence, or resources.  But what sets successful people apart from others is their belief that they can make their dreams a reality.

Believing in You:

A great example of believing in one’s self and turning a dream into reality is the journey of 23 year old Phylicia Goins, owner of She’s The Barber.  Like many of us, Phylicia Goins has had her share of disappointments and setbacks in life.  Along her journey to opening her own barber studio, she encountered uncertainties and failure. But what kept her moving forward was her ability to believe in herself and to have faith (trust) that if she put in the hard work, the universe would meet her halfway and assist in the endeavor.

She's the Barber

By making statements like the one below and posting them on her social media pages, Phylicia drives home a point that it is not enough just to dream, but in order to turn your dreams into reality, you have to believe that your dream is a possibility.

“My name is Phylicia; Owner of She’s The Barber & I’m crazy enough to believe that anything is possible, the law of attraction is real, & the universe will cooperate with anything you do.”

Falling Short of Expectations:

We first learned about Phylicia (Fe) a year ago, shortly after she had decided to leave college.  While attending college, Phylicia recalls feeling miserable and caged in.  Her artistic style and entrepreneurial urges didn’t quite fit with the academic routine.  She wanted more freedom to express her creativity. Her decision to leave college was met with criticism from classmates,  family,  and friends.  Like many who leave college before obtaining a degree, Phylicia had fallen short of the expectations she and others had of her completing college.  After all, she had spent nearly three years in college, why not continue on and finish?  Phylicia admits that the question lingered in her head day and night. However, somehow she dug deep inside herself to find the strength to trust that if she moved forward in a positive direction, she would figure things out without the security of a college degree.

Phylicia Goins Medical

Overcoming Self Doubt:

Phylicia had doubts about whether she had made the right decision to leave college and she sought the guidance of advisors and mentors, such as Creative Marketing Director, Christina Bonner.  At some point, she stumbled upon a pair of clippers and soon realized the more she cut hair, the further removed she became from all the distractions that were holding her back.   She fell in love with the clippers and shears.  She had discovered that as a barber, she could have a very influential role that allowed her the freedom to express her artistic ability.  So, she set out to get advice and guidance from experienced professional barbers.

Faith with Works:

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After realizing she had a God given talent with the clippers,  Phylicia held on to her faith  in her ability to use her talents and worked hard at learning how to brand herself before she was even a licensed barber.  She spent long hours traveling and visiting college campuses, nursing homes, residents, and shops within the Washington, D.C. area.  Harnessing her entrepreneurial skills, drive, and ambition to be a great success, she pushed herself and made huge strides toward her dream.  She knew she wanted to own her own business and whether she was aware of it or not, word on the street was that she was an ambassador for the cosmetic and barber industry.  One client described her as being more than just a breath of fresh air for the barbering industry. She stated, “She’s a beautiful sight and engaging her customer in meaningful and thoughtful conversation just seems to come natural to Fe.”

The Bible teaches us that genuine faith is “more precious than gold that perishes” (1 Peter 1:7). Indeed such faith is going to be “tested by fire”. You can expect difficulties and persecutions in your life of faith, as well as blessings. Therefore to encourage you to hold onto and develop your faith, we will consider some of the benefits of faith.

Faith brings answers to prayer. “And whatever things you ask in prayer, really believing, you will receive.” (Matthew 21:22). Since God tells us to pray for our daily bread (Matthew 6:11), faith is therefore a key to our material provision.

Phylicia’s drive and motivation to succeed landed her  interviews with magazines and  the  ScissorSalute™  show.  A show based out of New York designed to bring the best and hottest Barbers and Stylists from around the world together.  Phylicia’s skills have been compared to those of the world renowned barber Richard Mendoza of Filthy Rich Barbershop. 

Cuts by She's The Barber

A Dream Comes True on a Leap of Faith

In a candid conversation with Chocolate Informed, Phylicia shared that the day she secured the location for her business; she didn’t actually have plans on moving into her own studio in the near future.  But faith, preparation, and opportunity collided when representatives of the center struck a conversation with Phylicia and mentioned that they wanted the “perfect business” to be located in the prime location inside the plaza.  After describing her vision for her barber studio to the representatives, the reps were more than excited about renting the space to She’s The Barber.

She's the Barber Grand Opening

Her vision had always been to open her own studio, but that morning she visited L’Enfant Plaza Center, Phylicia wasn’t intending on committing to a rental agreement and leaping head first into the risky business of ownership.  After giving the idea some thought, she invested every penny she had into getting the equipment for her studio and securing the lease on her new business location.  With a prayer and a leap of faith, Phylicia opened the doors to her business on April 11, 2016.  Since opening, she has had visits from the likes of the legendary Dick Gregory and NFL players visiting the D.C. area. 

This is merely a beginning of Phylicia Goins’ story.  There’s no doubt that she has the entrepreneurial skills, drive, and ambition to be a great success.  With her continued faith, the sky is the limit for this self-driven and talented entrepreneur.  We wish her all the success she can handle.

Pictured: Phylicia Goins, Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President & CEO of the National Congress of Black Women & Dick Gregory @therealdickgregory stops by She's The Barber Studio; first black own business in L'Enfant Plaza.

Pictured: Phylicia Goins, Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President & CEO of the National Congress of Black Women & Dick Gregory @therealdickgregory stops by She’s The Barber Studio; first black own business in L’Enfant Plaza.

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