Lia Leigh Reveals 5 Easy Exercises To Find Your Passion in Life

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Lia Leigh is a vibrant business minded woman who wears multiple hats.  As a  very successful dancer with a steadily growing Instagram following of 114,000, the model and blogger resides in the Charlotte, NC area. Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Lia grew up in a military household. After graduating High School in 2011, she left home to attend North Carolina A&T State University. And like many students who head off to college, she was possibly looking for answers and clues to what life had in store for her as an adult living apart from mom and dad.

Lia Leigh

What’s interesting about the lovely Lia Leigh is how she found her passion in life.  Millions of people toil away at 9 to fives that they dread going to and only dream of having something that they are so passionate about doing that they would do it for free.  But what if you spent your life waking up everyday knowing you’re going to clock in and then cash in, doing exactly what you probably would do for free anyway.  Well, that’s the life of Lia Leigh.   By using 5 easy exercises that she probably wasn’t even aware of before stumbling on her passion,  she has reached a level of  happiness and success in her life.
Lia Leigh in Mexico

While away at college, Lia says she felt she didn’t fit in with the college lifestyle. However, she admits she partied and had her share of fun, but she didn’t care too much for the mass majority of students on campus. So, after a short stint at college, she packed her bags and headed back to Jacksonville, NC.

“I transferred home to the community college to redirect myself trying to focus on school and work… I worked and I also was very fortunate to receive funds from my father being in the military, all I need to do was maintain passing grades…”

“When I realized that was not enough and I knew my focus was not on school but something else that I realized while I was attending school in Greensboro at A&T… I was very interested in stripping and modeling at the time. In Feb/March 2013 I traveled to Charlotte, NC for a big event CIAA and it changed my life. May 2013 I moved to Charlotte and the year is 2016 now … Almost exactly 3 years from my first visit that changed everything.”


Take a look at the 5 Excercises below from Entrepreneur that will help you find your passion:

1. Revisit your childhood. What did you love to do? Revisit some of the positive activities, foods and events of childhood.”It’s amazing how disconnected we become to the things that brought us the most joy in favor of what’s practical,” says Rob Levit, an Annapolis, Md.-based creativity expert, speaker and business consultant.

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2. Make a “creativity board.” Start by taking a large poster board, put the words “New Business” in the center and create a collage of images, sayings, articles, poems and other inspirations.

3. Make a list of people who are where you want to be.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Study people who have been successful in the area you want to pursue.

4. Start doing what you love, even without a business plan. A lot of people wait until they have an extensive business plan written down and their ideas never see the light of day… doing what you enjoy — even if you haven’t yet figured out how to monetize it. Test what it might be like to work in an area you’re passionate about, build your business network and ask for feedback that will help you develop and refine a business plan.

5. Take a break from business thinking.  While it might feel uncomfortable to step outside of business mode, the mind sometimes needs a rest from such bottom-line thinking.  After you take a mental vacation indulging in something you’re passionate about, Levit suggests coming back to a journal and writing down any business ideas that come to mind.

So, it’s not very hard to spot the underlying message.  “Don’t spend time pursuing something that your gut is telling you just isn’t for you.” Instead, follow the exercises above and recall Lia’s example on finding her passion.

Lia mentions that while in college she had an interest in stripping and when she returned back home to her parents she reflected on things she enjoyed doing in her childhood. Dancing was definitely one of those activities she enjoyed. She also, revealed that she knew her focus was not on school. Her creative inquisitiveness had her mind on other things so she took a break.  While on that break, she traveled to Charlotte and that’s when she found her passion, dancing albeit stripping.  Now, she travels throughout the United States dancing and she’s started her own website  Follow her on Instagram @LiaLeigh

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