Interview Success Strategies – Preparation is the Key to Your Dream Job

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Did you know that most interviews are won or lost before the actual interview takes place? Well, they are! Your GPA is off the charts and your resume includes a mile of awards, but what those things will not matter much to the company you wish to work for if you are not adequately prepared for your interview. Preparation is the key to your success!

The team at has observed and heard many very qualified applicants who blew their one and only chance to get that highly sought after job.  The team decided to compile a list of best practices hoping to improve candidate’s chances of having a successful interview.

It is said that, “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”. Your preparation is the only thing you control. Once you enter the interview, this is your opportunity to sell yourself and show how you can be a perfect fit for the company. Whether you are applying to be the Secretary of State or the team leader in a restaurant, these same rules apply. Every job is an opportunity and can lead to many more opportunities, but first you must successfully get through the interview stage.  The following steps are valuable for interview success!

You should first determine the skill sets that are needed for the job in which you have applied. It is important to not only know what the company is looking for, but also know how your skills align with the needs of the company. Sometimes you may not have all of the skills that the company is looking for, but are you willing to acquire them? If so, then the willingness to acquire any necessary skills that you don’t currently possess is a skill within itself. Use your willingness to acquire and learn new skills as a way to sell yourself. During this initial preparation stage, write down all of the skills the company is looking for and all of the skills you currently possess. Have them listed and prepared in a way that ensures that you can share your inventory of requisite and acquirable skills with the interviewer during the interview. Brainstorm ways that you have utilized your skills in prior jobs, or leadership positions. Be able to show the interviewer that you are both capable and knowledgeable of the skills they need.


Below is the list of steps. Be sure to visit for more information on each step.

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Step 1: The “Fit Test”

You should first determine the skill sets that are needed for the job in which you have applied.

Step 2: Visualize: You are the Interviewer (Not the interviewee)

Save time during the preparation stage to sit down and visualize yourself as the interviewer.

Step 3: Familiarize Yourself with the Website.

The more you know about the company, the more impressed interviewers will be.

Step 4. Pick the right attire for the interview.

Step 5. Arrive early for the interview.

Step 6. Step 1: Allow the Interviewer to control the Interview

If the interviewer begins by asking you to tell a little about yourself, do so, but after answering let the interviewer take control.

Step 7. Remember Your Body Language

It is not always what you say, but how you say it that matters. Be mindful of the way your body language can affect what you are communicating.

Step 8. Expect Unexpected Questions

Although you have already prepared thoroughly, and utilized practice questions, you never know what will be asked.

Step 9. Ask Questions!

Step 10. Thank the interviewer.

Step 11. Afterwards, jot down notes of things that went on during the interview and research questions that you didn’t have answers to.

Hopefully, you will land the job.

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