Naturalista4me Explains Her Crochet Protective Style

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Naturalista4me is a Natural Hair and Lifestyle video blogger. Below she shares a video on the beginning of her loc journey.

“I have a passion for helping others and I have been able to take something that I love doing and help others with my works. I have always studied hair care. As a kid, I would sit in my grandmothers’ salon and watch all of the hair stylists and read the educational hair books about the makeup of the hair. I began blogging about my natural hair journey once I returned to my natural hair. My natural hair journey has been a process and I can honestly say that I feel a sense of freedom due to my acceptance of who I am “naturally”. I have taken the steps to fulfill my dreams in life and in all things that I do, I want my actions and my works to help others.” – Naturalista4me

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