Tyler Perry Moves on From His Buckhead Atlanta Mansion, but Why?

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The TV and movie mogul, Tyler Perry explained to E! News that he has purchased another massive estate outside of the city.  We’ve all heard of “40 acres and a mule” and with only 17-acres  of land on his Buckhead compound, Tyler Perry felt like he just needed more room to for horses and pigs.

“It’s the same distance to the studio as my old house, but now I can have horses and pigs and organic vegetables,” Perry told correspondent Marc Malkin.

Just last month, Perry sold his 17-acre compound for a record-breaking $17.5 million.  But real estate sources reveal to SandraRose.com that after purchasing the house in 2005 for $9 million, Perry possibly invested $15 million more into home improvements.

Perry listed the 9 bedroom, 5 bath house sitting on 17 acres of land for $25 million in June 2015. The home finally sold for $17.5 million in a cash offer earlier this month.

The 35,000 square feet mansion boasts a hobby house, a guardhouse and a caretaker suite on the property — for a total of seven bedrooms, nine full bathrooms and five half-baths.

Check out the video of the home when Perry originally purchased it.

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