Andrew Bachelor is Building a Legacy with 6-Second Viral Clips

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Andrew Bachelor goes about his work building a legacy and gets paid very well to do it. How does he do it? Bachelor found success by using an alter ego, King Bach and incorporating his lifestyle and comedy in  6-second viral clips.

When you view a 6-second viral clip on Vine created by King Bach, you’re witnessing the influences of a culture, a family, a group, and a social class that make up a composite of motivations, needs, and wants.  Simply stated – a lifestyle. By incorporating his lifestyle and comedy in his 6-second viral Vine’s clips, Andrew Bachelor goes about his work building a legacy and gets paid millions to do it.

The Motivation:

The Canadian-born actor Andrew Bachelor, grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida and is one of Vine’s most popular performers, with more than 15.6 million followers. Known as “King Bach,” Bachelor has always had his eyes set on becoming an actor. In 2010, after graduating from Florida State University, Bachelor decided to put his business degree—and his talent—to good use. But not in the way his Jamaican parents might have expected him to.  Instead of joining the family career path working in corporate America, Bach packed his bags and relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dreams of acting and film making.

In 2011, he was attending the New York Film Academy and was one semester away from graduating with a Master’s degree when his short film, Agent Steele, made it onto the airwaves of prime time TV  on NBC’s Dateline.  This was Bachelor’s first project and was considered somewhat of a success.  It seemed that Bachelor had a foot in the door.  However, despite the publicity and success surrounding Agent Steele, he never got any callbacks from castings.

“I was doing a lot of auditions and castings and I would always be in the room with people who had a bigger following,” say Bach on our call. “I was like the only way I can master that is if I can create my own following.  So I did just that.”  – Xonecole

Bachelor has successfully turned his past time into a multi-million dollar career.  In May 2013, he began creating content for his community of followers. And to no one’s surprise, his followers were captivated.

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Xonecole reports, it was just the break that he needed. Within five months, he had gained 2.5 million followers. “It was new and nobody was creating content like I was—viral videos that were six-seconds,” he said.

 “As his exuberant alter ego King Bach, Bachelor has become Vine’s biggest star, boasting 14 million followers and 5.1 billion loops. The Groundlings alum has parlayed his Vine success into a rising acting career with recurring roles on The Mindy Project, House Of Lies and Black Jesus. He also appeared on Key & Peele.” –

Vine has become more of a platform to launch Bach’s career, and a potential means to an end. Towards the end of 2014 he told The New Yorker, “When I start doing movies, that’ll be the time to pack Vine in. Quit when you’re on top. Be the king.”

Now, with the launch of Bach Enterprises, movie roles, and television deals, Bachelor has used his lifestyle and comedy in a world where becoming a celebrity can be achieved with a 6-second video to build his legacy.




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