Ciara Teaches Future To Say His Prayers (Video)

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Ciara teaching her son, Future to say his prayers is indeed one of the greatest examples of a traditional and treasured lesson in counting our blessings and showing gratitude.  Counting our blessings gives us an opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on the things we do have.   Ciara along with only 44 percent of Americans have realized the impact that saying grace and showing gratitude can have  in our daily lives.   She has started teaching her son to say grace before his meals and the decision to do so will prove to be a valuable attribute to him later in life.

A number of research scholars have measured the levels of gratitude levels in children and found strong correlations between gratitude and higher grades, levels of life satisfaction, and social integration. There’s also a link between gratitude and lower levels of envy and depression, reports The Huffington Post. 


Once we start expressing gratitude regularly for the things and the people that we value, two things happen naturally. We’re more likely to protect them in the best way possible: flood insurance, renter’s insurance, long-term care insurance for our beloved older relatives, all of which can save us from financial disasters. But we’re also less likely to overreach in the first place. The teenagers who find satisfaction in the possessions that they do have and cherish them may well grow up into people who do not get into trouble with student loan or credit card debt or overreach with their mortgages or take foolish risks with investments.

Ciara seems to understands all too well the importance of gratitude.  Watch as she and her son say grace.


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Ciara Teaching Her Son to Say Grace

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