A Day In The Life of a 35-Year Old Virgin

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What would a day in the life of a 35 year old virgin be like?

Alicia Jay Smith, Game Operations Manager for the Golden State Warriors, stands 6’6″ and at age 35, she’s still a virgin.  Growing up,  a typical day in the life of Alicia Jay was met with harsh criticism.   As a light skinned black girl in Portland, Oregon with a curly afro, she dealt with racism and bouts of depression.

“I was called the N-word walking down the street in my neighborhood, and my PE teacher called me a black B-word,” Alicia recalls. “My teacher used to bring me up in front of the class and tell people that I was terrible at spelling.”

“Within some of my step-family specifically, [they thought] I was better than everybody else because I was whiter. So, I got [ridiculed] from both angles.”



Growing up, I was called every single name associated with the word giant, which included big foot. Ignorant people can say some really ridiculous things and when they saw my long feet, it was definitely a chance to highlight them negatively in every way.

Not only did they make fun of the size of my feet, they also made fun of my shoes because I couldn’t find the cool kicks that everyone was wearing in my size. Trends were not an option. I rocked men’s basketball shoes for a majority of the time and of course that made me a target for more teasing.

In high school, Alicia was encouraged by her mother to practice abstinence and to wait for a husband.  Her decision to take a vow of purity cost her relationships as well as friendships.  In high school being tall and being a virgin meant being ostracized.   After joining her college basketball team, she began to view her height as a blessing instead of a curse.  “I realized I’m not alone in this and it’s actually an amazing thing to be tall. Over time I just looked around and said what am I doing? Why am I believing these lies that these people are telling me? Going forward, I grew in my confidence.”

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Alicia J Smith Tall Virgin

Now, a day in the life of this 35-year old virgin is one where she’s walking in her purpose and handling business on the sidelines at NBA games.   She’s a voice for those who need to be reminded of the beauty in their individuality, regardless of body type, race, or religious beliefs.  Read more on why this 6’6, 35-year old virgin decided she’s worth the wait. 

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