Shark Attack on NC Beach: Will this Be a Record Breaking Year for Attacks?

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ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C.  – On Saturday, WCTI12 reported that an 18 year old male was swimming in waters just west of Atlantic Beach when he was bitten by a shark.  Emergency crews responded to the call and Atlantic Beach Fire Chief Adam Snyder said the victim was an 18-year-old male on vacation.  The victim was transported to Carteret General Hospital. Snyder said he will likely need stitches but is expected to be okay.

According to Fox29, experts are predicting this year to be a record breaking year for shark attacks.   “Sharks peak in abundance around June and July,” Jim Gelsleichter, a shark expert at the University of North Florida, told WJXT.

The Washington Post reported that George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida,  told Reuters this year could be a record high for unprovoked shark attacks.

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“We are the only species on this earth that lies out in the sun and cooks ourselves before wading out into a predators dining room and then flops around to attract their attention. We are like toasty croutons bobbing up and down in a giant bowl of shark infested soup. And somehow, we are always surprised when a shark has a taste? How? HOW?  And this station has the NERVE to call it an attack?” – Chris LaBeff

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