4 Facts that Back Ayesha Curry, Claims the NBA is Rigged For The Money and Ratings

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Is Ayesha Curry’s claim that the NBA is rigged for the money just a far fetched idea?  Or is there factual proof to her conspiracy theory that the NBA is chasing ratings?  Here are 4 facts that might back up her claim.

In the heat of the moment just after her husband, NBA two-time MVP Steph Curry filed out of the game, Ayesha Curry tweeted “I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent . Just saw it live sry.”

Ayesha Curry Tweet

Now, what would make the wife of an NBA star make such a statement over social media then delete her tweet?   Well, let’s see.  Perhaps Ayesha Curry knows of a few little known facts that have many people thinking that the NBA is rigged for the ratings and the money.  Here are some interesting facts about television, the NBA, and the game that keeps entertaining fans around the world:

1:  ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company –  The Walt Disney Company operates an entertainment empire.  In 1986, the Walt Disney Company purchased the ABC television network.  In 1984, the ABC network purchased ESPN.  So, with the purchase of the ABC network in 1986, Disney gained control of the network that allowed them to go after major sports and get big-time ratings.  The deal cost Disney $19 billion and in 2014,  ESPN alone was worth over $50 billion.

2. The Business Of Basketball – It’s about the money.  In January 2016,  Forbes reported that the NBA franchise values  tripled over the past four years due to  sponsorship and TV deals (both local and national) resulting in an average team worth record of  $1.25 Billion.

As of October 2015,  Disney had a market cap of nearly $176 billion. Compare that to the  NBA league total revenue  of  $4.8 billion, or $160 million per team and you see why the NBA was eager to enter into national media deals with Disney and other media outlets.  Beginning with the 2016-17 season the NBA will see $2 billion a year from deals with Walt Disney DIS +0.11% (ESPN /ABC) and Time Warner TWX +0.74% (TNT).

3. Game 7 Played on Father’s Day for Ratings –  What better way for male sports fans to spend Father’s day than in front of the big screen watching the NBA Championship Game 7?   For years a broad conspiracy has existed that claims the NBA plans outcomes of games to make more money through TV ratings.  As mentioned above, Disney owns ESPN which airs  the must-watched SportsCenter that is available in more than 80% of American homes.  And recall, Disney owns ABC and which networks had already posted the NBA finals schedule?  You guessed it! The ABC network, NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT,   had the NBA Finals schedule planned in advance.  Sports Media Watch had already publicized the NBA finals schedule and game 7 on Father’s day.  “2016 NBA PLAYOFFS TV SCHEDULE ON ESPN, ABC, TNT AND NBA TV”

Take a look below:

The 2016 NBA Playoffs starts Saturday, April 16 and runs through a potential Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, June 19.

The biggest change to this year’s NBA Playoffs schedule is the expanded NBA Finals, which will last a potential of eighteen days. Games 1 and 2 of the series will continue to take place on a Thursday (June 2) and Sunday (June 5), respectively, but the addition of extra travel days has stretched out the remainder of the schedule. Games 3 and 4 will be on Wednesday, June 8 and Friday, June 10, Game 5 on Monday, June 13, Game 6 on Thursday, June 16 and Game 7 on Sunday, June 19.

As was the case last year, there is the potential that playoff games could air on ESPNEWS. ESPN has rights to up to four first round Game 6s on Friday, April 29, which is also day two of the NFL Draft. With ESPN2 locked into NFL Draft coverage, ESPNEWS would air games in the event that more than two series are still active.

4. NBA Referee Admits to rigged games – Ex-NBA referee, Tim Donaghy publicly admitted that the NBA referees rigged games after he testified and went to jail for betting on NBA games in which he and other referees took part in throwing.  Yahoo Sports reports that in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Donaghy said he believes that Draymond Green’s Game 5 suspension in the NBA Finals was forged in order to prolong the series, which has been a ratings bonanza.   Now, would you believe a confessed gambler and convicted felon? If so, then you probably buy in to the idea that the NBA, Disney, ESPN, and other media outlets have a vested financial interest in burying the idea that games are rigged.

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A few historical examples of rigged games:

Lakers 2013 Playoff Conspiracy” Video claimed that a regular season Lakers-Blazers game was rigged by the refs so LA would make the playoffs.

Michael Jordan’s “push off” in the 1998 Finals, the four-point play in the 1999 Knicks-Pacers series.

The Lakers’ miracle comeback against the Blazers in Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals.

Dwyane Wade shooting 16 free throws per game in the 2006 NBA Finals.

Jeff Van Gundy getting fined $100,000 for saying referees were targeting Yao Ming in 2005 against the Mavericks, etc.


So, did Ayesha Curry’s tweet add more fuel to the fire?  The NBA is sensitive to any talk about games being rigged for ratings and it’s likely that Steph Curry will be counseled on his wife’s tweet.   Many Warriors’ fans  have been blowing smoke about the NBA finals being rigged.  But let’s see if the NBA  will suspend Curry for throwing his mouth piece and hitting a fan in the Game 6 loss on Thursday.  Or will he get to play to help boost the ratings and add to the “NBA is rigged conspiracy theory?”

See what the insiders have to say about the NBA….

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Ayesha Curry Tweet

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