Brittne Babe: Mother and Daughter Duo Turn Passion for Fitness Into a Business

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This mother and daughter fitness duo  both share a passion for nutrition and fitness.  Together they are building a thriving business by helping people live a healthier and fit lifestyle.

Nearly three years ago,  Brittne Babe who is now a 21-year-old Natural Athlete, full time college student,  and Certified Personal Trainer, began offering free workout tips,  meal plans and motivation through her online account on Instagram (@BrittneBabe).   When her mother noticed the long hours Brittne was putting in, she stepped in and offered her advice and assistance to help Brittne turn her passion for fitness into a business.

While offering advice and helping her clients transform their lives, Brittne decided to take her body to the next level and entered her first Natural Body Building competition, April of 2014.   She currently manages an Instagram account with over 1 million followers and offers her workout guides and nutritional meal plans on her website

brittine babe with Mom

Photo Courtesy Instagram @BrittneBabeFitness

Brittne explains that she and her mother are like best friends.

“We go to the gym. We meal plan. We like doing that. It’s not a punishment. I like going on Instagram and taking pictures. We like teaching our friends and talking to them about fitness. We like people asking us if we’re sisters. We do this full-time meaning from when we wake up until we go to bed. We spend our entire day putting together different ideas, workouts, programs, and videos.”  []

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