Racism is Still Alive in America Because the Black Community is Still Divided

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Police Officer Nakia Jones made a very profound statement about why racism continues in America.   She said, “Racism is still alive in America because the black community is divided.”

The Washington Times reported that after the Alton Sterling shooting, Officer Nakia Jones of the Warrensville Heights Police Department posted a video  criticizing the officers who shot Mr. Sterling.  That video pulled in over 3.5 million views in less than 24 hours.

In the video, Officer Jones says that cops who are racists shouldn’t work in black communities.  She also calls out black on black crime.

“I saw the video and I’m ashamed that they were my brother’s in blue,”  “Also we are killing one another left and right … in a minute our black men will be extinct … please young men put the guns down and pick up a pin.”

“Put them guns down, y’all. We’re killing each other,” she said. “The reason why all this racist stuff keeps going on is because we’re divided. We’re killing each other, we’re not standing together. See, Martin Luther King and them stood together. You didn’t hear about a bunch of black people killing each other. We’ve got to stand together because a house divided against each other will not stand. We gotta be smart. Don’t mean going tearing up stuff. Be smart.”

Prior to her viral video, Jones wrote an extensive Facebook post where she detailed growing up in East Cleveland and how it inspired her to become a police officer.

“I am so hurt right now.. I Try not to get into tbese conversations but Im feeling so torn inside. I became a police officer in 1996 to help others to serve and protect my community, I started in the community I lived in which was East Cleveland I wanted to give back the hurting part was I was protecting my community fron people who lived there and looked just like me. Now I have since left EC and am in another African American community in which not only do I serve that community I live in that community and again I protect that community from people who look just like ne.. But what hurts me even more when I see Men and Women who have on the Same Uniform I have on and who are sworn to Protect like me take advantage of that position and Kill Men and Wonen who look just like Me.. Not all Police Actions are Wrong and Yes we do have Black and White Officers that have integrity and respect for ALL life.. But the ones of you that are cowards, racist, have a God Complex take off the the Uniform and put on the KKK hoddy.. My heart gos out to the family who just lost there son in that sinceless police shooting I saw the video and Im ashamed that they were my brother’s in blue.. I have sons to… Also we are killing one another left and right in a minute our black men will be extinct please young men put the guns down and pick up a pin.. Until we becone one Race United all this racism will not stop a house divided against itself cant stand not ny words Gods Words…Tears………….”
Press Play – Officer Nakia Jones talks about the Alton Sterling Shooting

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According to her Facebook page, Jones is married to Kevin Jones a police officer in the Lakewood Police Department.   These two officers and many more like them are willing to put their lives on the line to serve and protect in the black communities across America.   How many of us are willing to stand up and do the same?

Nakia and Kevin Jones pictured on Facebook.

Nakia and Kevin Jones pictured on Facebook.

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