John David Washington, What He Doesn’t Like to Reveal About His Appeal

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Former pro football player and actor John David Washington doesn’t like to reveal that he is the son of Denzel Washington. And with all the appeal he has already got working for him, he really doesn’t have to reveal that fact.

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About a year ago, millions got wind that John David Washington was the son of Oscar-Winning actor Denzel Washington and just a few days ago, the star of HBO’s hit original series Ballers, explained why he was reluctant to tell people he was Denzel’s son. He also discussed why he felt that his mother was more talented than his father. [Scroll down for video]

John David Washington

Determined to blaze his own path, John David made somewhat of a name for himself as a college and pro football player. He played college football at Morehouse University, and in 2006, he was signed by the St. Louis Rams as a free agent. He later went on to play for the European Football League and the United Football League (UFL) until 2012.

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Despite his love for football, acting was always a true passion of his.

“It was in my heart my whole life,” John told Sports Illustrated about acting. “But every kid has their rebel kind of thing, so my rebel, I turned to football, ’cause I always loved it too, but this was my thing.” John will be starring in the upcoming film Coco, which revolves around a hip hop artist discovering slam poetry.


Press Play: John David Washington Interview with The Breakfast Club

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