Shameless Maya: Turning a Social Media Experiment Into a Lucrative Lifestyle

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YouTube star Shameless Maya whose real name is Maya Washington is a 34-year-old creative producer who took to YouTube to test her social media experiment of being shameless for a year. Curious to see where being cheesy, tacky, and overall shameless would take her, Maya took her camera along with her everywhere.  And the end result of the experiment was a lucrative lifestyle.

do-you-boo shameless-maya

In 2012, Washington launched her YouTube channel with a challenge to shamelessly promote herself for an entire year which would help her overcome her social anxiety and insecurities. Within those 365 days, Washington became known for her curly hair tutorials and contagious enthusiasm. And then out of nowhere, one day she shaved her head during an emotional live stream and millions took notice.  The video has raked in over 3.2 Million views and Washington has continued on in success broadcasting her shameless and fearless ways.
Maya Shaved Head

Press Play – I Shaved Off All My Hair

Washington admits to freelance writer, Niki McGloster that the hardest challenge of her career as YouTube star has been learning to lead.   There’s a learning curve in evolving from independent worker to operating a full-fledged brand. “I don’t like telling people what to do,” she admits. “I’ve never had a manager position in life. Like, I’ve never been a supervisor or anything of that. I’ve always been kind of like a worker bee. I’d work for companies as a production assistant or an intern, so to go from those types of positions to working by myself was challenging. I have to study and read books on how to be a leader.”

Well, it is obvious that Washington is meeting that challenge head on and overcoming hurdles along the way.   She has the ability to create interesting tutorials and informational videos that speak directly to her experiences.  For instance,  in her tech talk video on how YouTubers like herself make money, she grabs and holds viewers attention while she explains Google Adsense, Affiliate/Commission Links, Merchandising, and brand deals.  With well over 725K subcribers and over 24 million views on YouTube, she has proven that the hours of study time are paying off in a very lucrative way.

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Press Play – Watch Welcome to Shameless

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