Woman Calls 911 For Backup After She is Pulled Over [Video] Watch What Happens Next…

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What would make someone call 911 for backup after being pulled over by the police?  In light of all the recent police shootings,  some blacks may just be fearful for their lives and compliance goes straight out the window.  When pulled over by officers,  some people panic and do everything under the sun, but comply.  In the video below, we witness what could have been just a simple traffic citation escalate into a woman spending time in jail and a police officer being accused of excessive force.

In March, Earledreka White was stopped for crossing the double white line.  During the stop, White called 911 to ask for police backup because she was afraid of the cop who stopped her.  Unfortunately, that may not have been a wise move on her part.

On video, White can be seen calling 911 after being pulled over in the 10000 of South Main Street in Houston by an officer identified in court records as G. Luca.

When White says she is being “harassed” the officer grabs her and tries to pin her arms behind her back, unleashing a minutes-long struggle with White screaming for him to stop.

White told The Final Call that she tried to explain what had happened to other officers who arrived at the scene, but she said they discussed among themselves what charges on which to arrest her.

She was then charged with resisting arrest and search, a misdemeanor that carries a potential six-month sentence, and jailed for two days on $1,000 bond.

White filed a complaint with the MTA afterward, but police said they would not provide any information about whether the officer would be disciplined.

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When asked about the incident, James Douglas, the president of the Houston NAACP, said the officer was within his rights to ask White to get back into her car, but he said the officer escalated the situation by threatening to use his Taser to force her to comply.   Watch video of the traffic stop via LiveLeaks

Press Play – Houston Woman Accuses Police of Using Excessive Force

Source: EURweb

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