Deceived by a White Friend: Cheddars’ Waitress Posts Racist Comment

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Snapchat user haybrown90 posted a racist comment about a group of women who dined at a Cheddars Restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and was ultimately fired over it.

Lee Greer, president of the management group that owns Cheddars in Murfreesboro, sent the following statement to WSMV:

We, ourselves, were shocked and offended after learning one of our servers had posted comments on social media that were hurtful and derogatory. This type of behavior will never be tolerated in our restaurants. The server was immediately suspended and ultimately terminated after our internal investigation.

What is so surprising about this whole ordeal is that one of the women in the group was  supposedly a friend of Snapchat user haybrown90 and feels she was deceived by her white friend.

As the story goes:  The waitress was serving a group of 4 black women who were coming from church after a wonderful service. The racist post came as a shock to them because they had been very nice to the waitress, joking and laughing with her… in fact she was friends with one of the ladies. And since she was nice to them, the ladies tipped her generously.  But to their shocking surprise, the waitress was hung over and not too happy to be serving them.  Check out her post below that eventually went viral:

“I’m so hung over and have a section full of niggers right now,” was the caption of a sour-faced photo on Snapchat.

Chelsea Mayes  received the Snapchat story when a friend sent her a screenshot in a text message.  “It was just shocking,” the 22-year-old Mayes told the Daily New Journal. “It was hurtful.” Mayes took to Facebook to recount the events and offer a heartfelt response to the waitress.

How many times have you heard this  statement “Some of my best friends are black” when a white person finds themselves caught up in some racial controversy?   Don’t be decieved.  Studies have revealed that having a black friend does not make someone a non-racist and most white people don’t have many black friends.   But there is a lot white people can do to help cultivate friendships between other races.  Starting with being culturally sensitive and avoiding making jokes about the stereotypes people buy into about a certain racial group.  Treat your friend of another race as your equal.

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