Who is Pulling for Your Success? The Wagon and the Rope Analogy [Video]

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Years ago, the late Butch Lewis shared a lesson about the road to success with Steve Harvey. Butch Lewis, who is now deceased, used the wagon and the rope analogy to explain that everyone must play a role in the uphill pull of the wagon.   So ask yourself, “Who is pulling for your success?  Who is a benefit to you in your life? And who is a distraction in your life?

Harvey shares the analogy below:

“When you are a person who is success-minded, you have a wagon that you are pulling uphill. Attached to this wagon is this very thick rope. You have a rope on your back and you are pulling this wagon uphill at all times. You are totally responsible for your wagon. You are the only one on the rope.
What’s inside the wagon, however, can determine how quickly you can reach success or whether you will reach it at all. It comes down to the people around you.”

“You’ve got to be careful. There are people who will get on your wagon and have no value,” Harvey says. “All of a sudden, their feet are off the ground. They’re just on the wagon, riding.”

Press Play – “Success is Like Pulling a Wagon”


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The Wagon Analogy


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