New Hair Cut Apps Modernize the Way Black Men Seek Out Barbershops

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The way black men seek out barbershops and go about getting their haircuts is about to be modernized with new haircut apps. Drive by any of your neighborhood barbershops and you are sure to find chairs filled with black men who more than likely arrived there solely by word-of-mouth.

Fresh HairCuts

A Fresh Cut

The iconic status of the black barbershop has allowed many neighborhood barbershops to avoid the necessity to take on any improvements in order for business to continue to thrive. So in spite of long wait times and limited marketing, black barbershops are almost always jammed pack. But like any business, improvements are essential to modernize and take advantage of the revolutionary technological breakthroughs that abound us today.


For example, Obinna Onungwa, 28, realized that the barbering industry, just like so many others, was ripe for technological disruption when during a trip to Africa, he struggled to find a barber.

“I was overseas in Ghana and I was clueless as to where to go to find a reliable barber. I ran into the same challenge in Nigeria and the same challenge again in Kenya,” says Onungwa, 28. “That is when I was kind of like, ‘Okay.’ It just hit home in a very personal way.”

So Onungwa created the Cue App which is a mobile application to help men find local barbers. This new app modernizes and streamlines the entire hair cutting process by allowing clients to book, pay and review barbers all on their mobile device. Read more about the Cue App here…

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Hair Cut App

Another Haircut App that is modernizing the barbershop experience is the mobile application The Cut pictured above that allows barbers to book clients and showcase their work.  Learn more about the haircut app…


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The Cut

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