17 Year-Old Millionaire Jaylen D. Bledsoe Explains Why He’s Rich and Other Dreamers are Not

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Jaylen D. Bledsoe created his business with only $100 when he was only 12 years old. Today, at age 17, he’s a millionaire and in a candid interview, he explains why he’s rich and other dreamers are not.

Early on, he remembers going into a bank to open an account and being turned away. That bank now is begging for his business, he said.

“You’re going to be told ‘no,’” he said. “Make them wish that they hadn’t turned you away.”

This 17-year-old successful entrepreneur started a company, Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, that is valued at $3.5 million dollars and employs over 200 people!

In the video below Bledsoe explains to T.D. Jakes why he is rich and others are not. He said that he learned at an early age the difference between an active dreamer and a lazy dreamer. When he was given a dream, he took that dream and acted on it. He went on to say the following about being in a relationship: “Sometimes we’re on a boat to an island with gold and sometimes we have the gold being someone who is with us. And it weighs that boat down, but once that storm comes and we have to get light to move to that island, God says, “Wait, you have gold on the boat. Take it off. I have gold waiting for you at the island I’m sending you to.”

“I see greater meaning in knowing that I’ve motivated someone with my story, inspired someone with my words, or impacted someone with my business rather than just enjoying the check that’s offered,” he told The Huffington Post. “I’ve come to the understanding in my life as I travel the country speaking to youth, hoping to change lives, that the word ‘net-worth’ doesn’t have to apply simply be the equation of, ‘your assets minus your liabilities’.”

The young entrepreneur leaves us with a final bit of advice, “We have to be okay with failure. Don’t let your setback cause you to sit back.”

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