Patrice Tricey Brown Better Known as Paris Monroe Teaches a Lesson on Internet Fame

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Patrice “Tricey” Brown who is better known on social media as Paris Monroe has become the latest internet sensation and has been deemed the “sexiest teacher alive.”

Brown is a graduate of Alabama State University and is a paraprofessional at Boyd Elementary School in Atlanta.


Long before Brown made the decision to post photos of herself posing in the classroom in tight-fitting outfits and high heels on her Instagram, this paraprofessional had become accustomed to criticism.


Surely, Brown’s ordinary photos while wearing suggestive attire often stir up the animal instinct in men. And it’s no doubt that some may think that wearing such attire in the classroom could distract 4th grade students, causing young boys to repeat the 4th grade over and over, thus upsetting some parents. But prior to the classroom photos going viral, there wasn’t a reported problem with Brown’s dress and appearance.

Atlanta Public Schools released a statement:

Employee dress codes are discussed with principals at the start of the school year, school district spokeswoman Kimberly Willis Green said. Last year, the district’s human resources did not report any instances of employee discipline for dress code violations, but individual schools may have handled some.

But Green said Brown has not faced any disciplinary action in connection with her clothing — or otherwise.

“She was given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media,” she said. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Brown definitely has a body to die for. But more importantly, she has a heart for teaching. She even spent her summer tutoring kids. Notice in the photo below she doesn’t seem to be dressed in a manner that would distract a child from learning.

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Brown, who at the date of this article, entertains over 235K Instagram followers. She used Instagram and gave a lesson in handling controversy when she reacted to all the controversy with an inspirational quote: “This Too Shall Pass.” She wrote in the caption, “My only focus is to remain FOCUSED! TheBiggerPicture.

My only focus is to remain FOCUSED! TheBiggerPicture

A photo posted by Paris Monroe (@triceyl__) on

As the controversy continues, the lesson learned is that Brown’s fame continues to skyrocket and Paris Monroe gains more followers. But will the instant fame result in a big pay day for Brown?

Or will she soon realize the disconnect between internet fame and financial security?

Let’s hope that the controversy and the label of “The Sexiest Teacher Alive” doesn’t leave Paris Monroe like many famous social media stars who are too visible to have “real” jobs, but can hardly afford not to.

We don’t see anything wrong with the way Patrice Brown dresses and hopefully all the controversy will not prevent her from pursuing her passion to teach. After all, we need more help keeping our kids interested in education.

It would be a damn shame if the media’s frenzy were to derail a potential career in education–All over photos featuring a beauty wearing ordinary clothing, that just so happens to be form fitted to a curvaceous frame.

A video posted by Paris Monroe (@triceyl__) on

[Featured Image by Patrice Brown/Instagram]

A video posted by Paris Monroe (@triceyl__) on

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