Incomes Up, Poverty Down: America’s Economy Moving in the Right Direction

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Poverty was down in the United States last year and median household incomes were up to $56,500–the highest level since 2007, reports Mother Jones. And in the largest decline since 1967, the recorded number of Americans living in poverty dropped to 13.5 percent.

“The good news is the economy is moving in the right direction. We’ve recovered almost all the ground lost during the Great Recession,” says Sheldon Danziger, president of the Russell Sage Foundation.

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According to the WJS, “The figures show how several years of robust employment growth, including 2.4 million people who gained full-time work last year, helped regain ground lost after an especially wrenching downturn, particularly for lower-income households. Longer hours, higher wages and lower inflation also have contributed to the improvement.” Read more about the U.S. Household Incomes Surge…

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