Justin Crump – A Drummer Playing for a Lost World

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In a world that seems lost and a world according to Memphis Magazine that traps and cripples residents in a vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, and dependence on welfare and public housing, 20-year old Justin Crump drums up happiness in the hearts and souls of many–one beat at a time.

Drummer, Justin Crump was born in Memphis, Tennessee–home to one of the nation’s most impoverished zip codes. According to the U.S. Census, this poor side of town, zip code 38126 is recognized as the poorest in Memphis as well as one of the poorest areas in the nation.


Looking poverty dead in the eyes and trying to escape the vice grip of drugs, Justin’s biological mother wasn’t able to care for him. Fortunately for Justin, a relative stepped in and was willing to provide hope and a home for him.

“I was moved away from my brothers and sister to Wichita and I really had a rough time as a kid,” recalls Justin. “Coming from Memphis, I really believed that I would never be good at anything. Every since age five, I realized I had rhythm and one Sunday I fell in love with the sound of the drums while playing the congas.

“School wasn’t really all that for me. I wasn’t what you call the cool guy. So, I spent many days feeling down and depressed. Playing the drums was and is my escape from the world. As I play the drums, I feel that I’m “PLAYING FOR A LOST WORLD”–I believe God uses me to speak to the pain and loneliness in people’s hearts through the beat of the drums.”

Justin began practicing in the garage and continued to get better with the drums. You can watch one of his practice sessions here.

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The drums have afforded Justin a life he never dreamed of. He travels and plays in front of audiences and hopes to one day teach others to play the drums. Visit his Facebook page and follow this talented drummer on his mission to stump out depression and spread joy and happiness.

Watch the video below as Justin covers Zara Larson’s “Never Forget You.”

Since the beginning of history, drums and music have been a major emotional component of almost every culture. New research has proven that people are drawn to music much like they are to delicious food, gambling, sex, drugs, and alcohol.

And if you’re not convinced that drummers can tug at your heart and soul then watch the video below of Chris Dave who is featured as one in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time and he’s not even a household name–yet.

As many kids like Justin who are born into a life of poverty and must face the hardships of growing up in crime ridden neighborhoods, positive alternatives like schools that teach music are providing an escape for these kids. Performing Arts Schools like the Drummers World are popping up in cities across the country.

A Drummers World Drumline Performing Arts School like the one located in North Carolina, allows youth to have fun with drums. Character building is also a very important service provided such as respect, integrity, caring, sharing and responsibility. The school teaches 6 to 18 Yr olds to play by reading music, drumming by ear, sticking techniques, whistle and voice commands, which encourages discipline.

Watch Drumline Students in action.

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