State of Emergency Declared as NAACP Condemns Violent Protests in Charlotte NC

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One day after police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, 43, who police say was armed and ignored commands to drop his weapon, the city of Charlotte, NC erupted in violent protests.

USA Today Reports: “The latest violence prompted Gov. Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency and begin the process toward deploying the National Guard and the state Highway Patrol to assist local police, the governor said via Twitter. The violence that erupted during the demonstrations would not be tolerated, McCrory said during a late Wednesday interview on CNN.”

“I understand concerns and I understand frustration and anger but I will never respect violence,” McCrory said. “Violence is unacceptable.”

The demonstrations also prompted the mayor to issue a call for peace.

“We are urging people to stay home, to stay off the streets,” Mayor Jennifer Roberts told CNN. “Violence is not the answer.”

The state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People also condemned the violent protests.

“We support those who exercise the right to peacefully protest, and encourage the First Amendment right to call for redress of wrongs,” the organization said in a statement. “We understand efforts that undermine the legitimate calls for justice with unjust, random or purposeless acts of violence.”

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