‘The Birth of A Nation Album’ Listen to Trey Songz, K. Michelle, Ne-Yo and More…

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The Birth of a Nation film is scheduled to hit movie theaters nationwide next week.  And gearing up for the films release,   This is RnB reported that Friday morning saw the release of a surprise album of sorts, The Birth of A Nation: The Inspired By Album  and R&B singers take a departure from their usual sound.


Fandango Synopsis: This historical drama recounts a real-life slave revolt that occurred in 1831 Virginia, led by a black preacher named Nat Turner (Nate Parker). Turner is ordered by his master (Armie Hammer) to tour a number of local plantations, delivering sermons to the other slaves that will urge them against violence and any thoughts of rebellion. However, he is so appalled and sickened by the horrors he sees during his travels that he is eventually moved to fight back against the evils of slavery. Aja Naomi King and Gabrielle Union co-star. Parker wrote, directed, and stars in The Birth of a Nation, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Jack Rodgers, Rovi

Listen the the album below:

Trey Songz  sings “Stand for the Future.”


Lecrae and Leon Bridges,  “On My Own.”


Ne-Yo  “Queen.”


And K. Michelle channels up her gospel on “Forward,”


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