The Secret Relationship: Tika Sumpter and Her “Have and Have Not’s” co-star Nick James

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It was recently revealed that Tika Sumpter was expecting a child. But many fans were unaware that the actress was even in a relationship. So, everyone was left guessing who the father was.


Well, Sumpter has revealed who the father of her child is and explains why she kept her relationship with her “Have and Have Not’s co-star Nick James a secret.


Recall when Sumpter revealed in Hello Beautiful what it was like being a dark skinned woman– “Of course, I did experienced my share of hurtful reactions to my skin color, but thankfully only after I was an adult. Who hasn’t heard the obligatory, ‘You’re pretty for a dark-skin girl’? Or my personal favorite, ‘I usually don’t date dark-skin women, but you’re so beautiful.’ That one really warms the heart. But in reality, the most disturbing aspect of all of this is that those comments were most often made by men with exactly the same skin tone as my own.”

The actress who stated, “she’s received criticism dating black men,” spoke to Fit Pregnancy about why she decided to keep the baby news — and her relationship — under wraps.

“I didn’t want to hear, ‘Who’s the dad?’” said Sumpter, “Social media can be harsh, and I’m a mama bear, protective of my family. So that’s why I waited to tell people, including some of my friends.”

Well, sadly and true to form, Social media was indeed harsh and Sumpter responded via Instagram with the following message:

“Enjoy and create the life you want to live. Don’t look to the left or the right. Look forward, be grateful and smile a lot. Those who hate just need a big hug and encouragement to live their best life. Pray for them. I do. Love you guys! Have a beautiful day!!”

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