Parents, We are our Child’s First Teacher!

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From the time our children are conceived in the womb, to the time they enter kindergarten, what we do as parents can shape our children’s lives forever! This is a great responsibility!

They do what we do and say what we say. Children soak up everything in their surroundings, even when we think they are not paying attention. They are natural explorers early on in childhood. This is why we can find them putting everything in their mouths, climbing on tables, or making music by banging on pots and pans. It is easy to put them in front of a television or let them watch video games to keep them occupied. However, it is critical that we limit that time.


Children between the ages of 2 to 5 make leaps and bounds with their learning. During this age, they are starting to develop the skills of being thinkers and rationalize some of the things that are going on in their world. This is a great time to introduce them to as much learning as possible!

Learning letters, numbers, and colors is just the beginning.

Students who enroll in kindergarten without knowing these fundamental concepts. Have already been left behind. One of a teacher’s main responsibilities is to educate that student so that he/she makes a year’s worth of growth. If a child enters school in kindergarten academically six months behind all of the other students, the teacher’s job is to educate that students so that he or she make a year’s worth of growth.

If the teacher does this job, this student will still not be on grade level. This student would have gained 10 months of learning. However, since he/she did not start school on the same level as all the other students, he/she will most likely still be behind at the end of the school year without assistance at home. This starts a cycle that is statistically hard to break.

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This is why it is so important for parents to recognize their role as their children’s first teacher.

For parents of preschool aged children, to gain access of resources to help you prepare your child to enter the educational system, visit the parent page for resources.

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Joycesonia Lawson-Robinson
About the Author: Joycesonia Lawson, M. Ed. has worked in the public school system for 17 years. She is an educator, consultant, writer, and speaker. Educating her community is her passion and is embedded in everything that she does. She seeks to inform others, in order to start dialogues, which will result in improving our communities.

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