How to Lose Your Job: Georgia Teacher Makes Racial Comments About First Lady Michelle Obama

(Photo: Forsyth County Schools/ Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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If you love your job and don’t wish to lose it, then it is probably wise not to make racial comments on social media about First Lady Michelle Obama. Especially if you are a school teacher’s aide! Jane Wood Allen, a teacher’s aide for Chestatee Elementary in Gainesville, Georgia was finally fired for her obnoxious racial comments posted on her Facebook page.

The teacher went on several racist rants directed towards First Lady Michelle Obama taking vacations, saying, “This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore.”

Forsyth News:

On Aug. 27, Allen shared an article by Opposing Views with the caption, “First Lady Michelle Obama continues to top lists of most admired women in the world. Do you admire her?”

Her comment on the post read, “I admire a gorilla more than I admire her. (Wait I forgot, she is a gorilla)! … She is the worst example of a First Lady ever! (Oh sorry, I meant gorilla not First Lady)!”

This week she posted an article from titled, “Outrage after Michelle Obama Slips Up…America Furious,” on which Allen posted, “This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having her luxurious vacations paid for anymore? She needs to focus on getting a total make-over (especially the hair), instead of planning vacations!”

Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for the school district, said officials were made aware of the posts Friday morning.

On Monday, the Forsyth County Schools reported: Jane Wood Allen has been relieved from duty and is no longer an employee of Forsyth…

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO: Forsyth County Schools/ Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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