Ernestine Johnson in “Red Bottoms” Speaking Truth through Spoken Word [Watch]

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Spoken word performer, Ernestine Johnson is speaking truth in her video “Red Bottoms.” Through her poem, the poet is bringing attention to society’s obsession with material goods. [Scroll down to the video]


Using her platform to encourage and uplift African American women, Johnson asks the question: “What’s the price of the sole on your shoe when it’s your soul you have to barter?”

Ernestine resides in Atlanta, Georgia which has become a hub for black entertainment, music, and fashion. Atlanta is now the destination for trendsetters and those who can afford to strut around town in Red Bottoms, the controversial iconic trademark, red colored sole, high heel shoe by French designer Christian Louboutin.



Attorney Harley Lewin argued that red soles are synonymous with his client’s brand. The attorney stated in a court session last year, “Christian Louboutin has created one of the more iconic trademarks of the 21st century. Louboutin turned a pedestrian item into a thing of beauty.”


As Louboutin and other fashion designers dial up the prices on their trademark fashions, African Americans, particularly women go out on a quest to be the latest talked about thing of beauty. They stand in line to purchase fashions like the Red Bottom shoe. But for what reason? And at what cost?

If You Can’t Afford Real Louboutins then why are some women so eager to own a pair?

Johnson, who is also a compelling actress and event host, infamous for being uncensored and untamed on the microphone, speaking on matters dear to the heart; made waves on the internet when she released her video performance titled “The Average Black Girl” on the Arsenio Hall Show.

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And now she’s using her platform to encourage and uplift African American women. Watch her Red Bottoms video below:

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