Fans Upset That Luke Cage’s Mike Colter Has a White Wife

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Some fans that have found out that Luke Cage’s Mike Colter has a white wife are somewhat upset. But for what reason? Well, fans, white and black, have been known to chastise actors like Mike Colter, Nate Parker, and Omari Hardwick who are all very successful black men with strong white women by their sides.


Colter who grew up in South Carolina and has been married to his wife for over 16 years, explained how he met his wife while in graduate school. The actor shared with Wendy Williams that he met his wife while he was getting a Masters in acting and his wife was getting her Doctorate’s degree in Comparative Literature. The two were both broke, but managed to stay together through it all while completing their degrees.

As pointed out by RNB Philly in an article to probe the question: “Why don’t successful black men date black women?,” the media will have all of us believe that most successful black celebrities, athletes, and businessmen don’t seem to have a black woman by their side. Most of their women are white or have an exotic look that can be referred to as other than black.

Several unproven theories come to mind when trying to understand the reason behind successful black men choosing to date and marry white women. But we won’t bother to mention any of them here. Why? Because there are far too many stereotypes about black men and women. To dwell on why someone chose to date or marry an individual is really a waste of time. It’s really his or her prerogative. And in the end, whether your lover is black or white, we are all seeking a long term love and security with someone who will have our back. And this is exactly the point Colter made when he had to continue defending his marriage to fans during an interview with the Breakfast Club as the subject about some members of the audience not cheering when a photo of Colter’s wife appeared on the screen during the Wendy Williams Show.

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Here’s some of what Colter had to say about the matter: “Physically that’s one thing but you gotta be on the same page. I met my wife when I was struggling in grad school. She stuck with me for 16 years… people don’t understand when it comes to being with somebody long term, it’s way more than skin color that’s gonna make it work.”

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