Nephratei Lewis Talks of Building Her Own Empire and Songwriting for Fox’s “Empire”

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Nephratei Lewis has a lot to talk about. The singer/songwriter and Founder of the acclaimed A-Game Writers Song Placement Team, is building her own Empire.



The talented and driven songwriter shared her long-term goal–to be crowned the beauty queen in the music industry with writer, Joe Walker.


“Outside of leading A-Game Writers, an intricate part of building their own business empire, Nephrateri’s long-term goal as a singer songwriter is to, figuratively, be crowned the beauty queen.”

“I want to be Nephrateri as an artist – period,” she says. “I plan on using my voice and my artistry, and my image, to make my own lane in the industry. When you hear something I’ve done you’ll know that it’s me.”

Watch “On Fleek” As featured in the 20th Century fox hit musical drama series “EMPIRE”

Feeding her entrepreneurial appetite, right out the gate, Nephratei and her team of songwriters landed their first client, Fox’s Emmy-winning drama “Empire.” This little known note that Nephratei has written songs for the show “Empire,” reportedly during seasons 1 and 2, has been buried in the headlines. Due mainly to all the attention and credit given to executive music producer Timbaland and singer/songwriter/producer Jim Beanz, research didn’t turn up any songs to which Nephratei and her team of writers were given credit for. The duo, Timbaland and Beanz, writes and produces the majority of the songs for the shows stars: Jamal, Hakeem, and Tiana.

The Complete Season 1 soundtrack titled Empire: was released containing all the songs song heard on the show that were left off the official soundtrack. Check it out here.

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For more on Nephrateri Lewis check out Music Producer YoungHeat Breaks Down the Production Process for His Fox’s “Empire” Beat “On Fleek”

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