Knicks Star Derrick Rose Cleared of All Charges in Rape Trial

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After roughly three hours of deliberations, a jury panel of six women and two men found Knicks star Derrick Rose not guilty and cleared Rose of all charges in the rape trial.


The panel of six women and two men found instead that the evidence showed the woman, who had been in a relationship with Rose, consented to the early morning encounter on Aug. 27, 2013.

Rose, 28, and friends Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were accused of breaking into the woman’s Los Angeles apartment and having sex with her when she was incapacitated from a night of drinking and, she claimed, being drugged by the men.

USA Today: Doe was seeking more than $21 million in damages ($6 million in compensatory; $15.5 million in punitive), and Rose chose not to settle, electing to go through with a trial that started Oct. 4. The former NBA Rookie of the Year missed several practices and all but one preseason game during the proceedings.

In the complaint filed on Nov. 15, 2015, Doe alleged the “defendants drugged Plaintiff at Defendant’s residence, and, after Plaintiff’s friend helped her get home safely in a cab, Defendants trespassed in to Plaintiff’s apartment while Plaintiff was asleep and each sexually assaulted and raped her.”

Rose and Doe were in an an open relationship for two years, but it ended months before the alleged rape. Both sides agreed that on the night of the alleged incident, Rose invited Doe and a friend to his Beverly Hills home, where they consumed alcohol with Allen and Hampton and the NBA player himself. Both sides also agreed that sex occurred on the night in question.

Doe, however, contended that she was intoxicated and drifted in and out of consciousness. She claimed suspicion she had been drugged.

The plaintiff testified she returned home, vomited and woke up with the three men in her bedroom.

The men have all acknowledged having sex with the woman but argued at trial that it was consensual and that she initiated the encounter.

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