A Teenagers Path to Knocking Entrepreneurship Out of the Box

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Teenagers today have so many choices available to them when considering various out of the box models of Entrepreneurship. Along the path of entrepreneurship, some things teens might consider are: What social networks to choose, make YouTube videos or post clips on Vine, identifying their personal fashion sense, and what phone to choose next, to name a few. Teens are inundated with content and information from a host of different channels, giving them plenty of room to make an informed decision on what path to take.

The teen years can be tricky. You remember those days of wanting to be grown but still basking in the glow of your parents care. No bills, fresh new clothes, and hot and ready meals. During those years of coming into our own, we learn how to be an adult. Depending on our parents or caregivers path, we are taught a multitude of skills in preparation for being out on our own.

We make plans to attend college, join the military, or delve straight in to workforce. Again, the choices are many. Depending upon your teen’s path, any of these options may be a great fit for them. Today we’re going to hit on Entrepreneurship and how you can positively encourage your teen to walk down this path of self-sufficiency, creativity, discipline, and hard work.

Today’s teen has a mind that is ripe for information. Presenting them in the early years with various models of Entrepreneurship will go a long way in forming their minds later on. Yes, I know that being an entrepreneur requires a walk down a different path than those who choose employee status, but it’s a path worth choosing for many.

As a mother of 3 teenage boys, these are some of the steps that I’ve taken to encourage Entrepreneurship while supporting their interests and personal goals.

Surround Them With Entrepreneurs

We all know how important it is to keep children in the company of good people. This goes for encouraging entrepreneurship also. Make it your business to involve them in your creative process if you’re a business owner. Let them explore and experience other small business owners in your community. Get them involved in internships or a Summer long Young Entrepreneurs program. These experiences will open a world to them that is fresh and new, and very appealing for those that have a creative gene.

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Build Up Their Interests

Take time to learn what your kids interests are, and then build upon them. If your kid is into video games, allow them the time to enjoy the art and talk to them about options for entrepreneurship in gaming. Game developers, game reviewers, and app development are all hot right now plus, they all can widely follow the entrepreneurs path. Your teen will see that you’ve taken a serious interest in what they are doing, and will be more open to hearing what you have to share about taking that interest and funneling it into something that can sustain them in the future.

Give Them Startup Money

We are talking about teens here, so this amount doesn’t have to be great. Task them with starting a business and earning a certain amount of money during an allotted time. For example, I gave my boys each $25 and they had to start a business and earn $100 within 3 months. The business could be anything they chose but it had to be a business that earned. One of my boys opened a candy business and made $145 selling to friends and family over the course of a summer. With this activity, teens get to see the process of turning a thought into a reality, and turning a small amount of money into something greater. The goal here isn’t for them get rich, but for them to see the power they hold in going as far as they choose to.

Being the inspiration that helps guide our teenagers is key in helping to shape their paths as adults. Giving them options beyond what they see is useful and paramount in their growth and development. I hope that these tips are beneficial to you and would love to hear how you are encouraging your teen to delve into entrepreneurship.

Asiyah Muhsin-ThomasAsiyah Muhsin-Thomas is a mother of 5, entrepreneur x4, and self-published children’s book author. She writes about her experiences in motherhood and shares the day to day happenings in her life on her blog MamasNinniemilk.com

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