Kevin Durant Promotes the Importance of Mentorship with My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Initiative

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Kevin Durant of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors shared and email on why he’s proud to be part of the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Success Mentors Initiative. Durant’s involvement with MBK is an effort launched to promote the importance of mentorship particularly in minority communities. The NBA has a five-year partnership with My Brother’s Keeper to help sign up mentors with The National Mentoring Partnership.

Broderick Johnson, Assistant to the President and Chair of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, shared with USA Today, that “Kevin is an incredible role model, whose reach extends from kids of all ages who follow his every move on the court, to adults who admire his hard work and perseverance. Kevin’s personal journey is emblematic of the transformative power that a mentor can have on a young person’s life.

Durant shared the following email:

Born and raised in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, I grew up in a community with higher rates of poverty and lower graduation rates than most of the state. For me, having the support of my mom was critical, but the support of mentors like the people I met at the local Boys and Girls Club, or people at my community activity center, or my youth basketball coach also helped ensure that I was able to graduate from high school and pursue my dreams.

That’s why I’m proud to be part of the My Brother’s Keeper Success Mentors Initiative, which helps support kids in communities like the one I grew up in.

The MBK Success Mentor Initiative helps connect caring mentors with students in sixth and ninth grades in high-need school districts across their communities. Our goal is to provide mentors to more than 250,000 students over the next two years and ensure that they have they support need to stay in school and achieve their dreams.

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Every kid deserves an opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, every year, over 6 million children miss at least a month of school, putting them at significant risk of falling behind and not graduating from high school. And one in three kids grow up without a mentor. By supporting My Brother’s Keeper and the Success Mentor Initiative, I’m proud to help change those statistics so that all kids have the support they need to make sure they are in school and can reach their potential.

Together, we can make the difference. Here’s how you can join in: Head to and be your brother’s and sister’s keeper starting today.


Kevin Durant

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