Brock O’Hurn and a Cast of Social Media Influencers Star in Tyler Perry’s Box Office Hit, “Boo! A Madea Halloween”

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Brock O’Hurn is famous for his Man Bun and is one of the most well known social media influencers to be cast in Tyler Perry’s box office hit “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” O’Hurn who stands 6’7″ and weighs 250 pounds is a personal trainer and Instagram model who was the topic of discussion on a number of TV talk shows like The Steve Harvey Show and featured on BuzzFeed.



So, when Tyler Perry decided to tap into a new audience, he personally sought out Brock O’Hurn and some of YouTube’s biggest content creators like Yousef Erakat, Liza Koshy, and Lexy Panterra who is famous for her twerk videos. The concept has worked well for the movie which has attracted a broader audience and raked in over $52 million from movie goers.

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For Brock O’Hurn, the opportunity to act is a dream come true and the Instagram Model might have just been another attractive selfie taking, muscular piece of eye candy showing up in your feed, if it wasn’t for a 25-second, video posted on Facebook over a year ago.

O’Hurn captioned the video “In light of Man Bun Monday and No Shave November. Lets do it.” It’s shot on a webcam and set to the R&B artist PartyNextDoor’s song “Muse” (“Girl let me demonstrate [Let me do it] / Let me demonstrate on you / Girl don’t hesitate / ‘Cause I won’t hesitate on you”).

Facebook: video.php

The video has gotten nearly 5 million views, with comments like: “I shared it to my page and just scrolled down so I could watch again. It should play on a loop. ;)”; “I am not watching it again….til tomorrow…smh”; “I was so grumpy yesterday and I decided to wake up happy today. First thing I saw on FB, this morning, was this video and I was instantly happy. Might be my new morning ritual to watch it. :)”; and perhaps the most apt: “Best. Man. Bun. Ever.”

I honestly didn’t put any thought into it,” he says. “I’m like, ‘That many people have seen me?’ And I didn’t do anything but put my hair in a bun? Like this is crazy. But it was so awesome.”

Well, the video went viral and the world took notice. Brock got calls from talk shows and Tyler Perry opened the doors to the opportunity of acting. O’Hurn was also cast in Perry’s TBS Series “Too Close to Home.”

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