NAACP Chapter in North Carolina Files Federal Lawsuit Over Voter Suppression

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On Monday, it was confirmed that the NAACP chapter in North Carolina filed a federal lawsuit against the state of North Carolina over allegations of voter suppression. Time Magazine reports the federal lawsuit accuses the state Board of Elections of purging names of black residents from the voter rolls.

“The voter purges have a long history of being racially-motivated and terribly inaccurate,” NAACP attorney Penda Hair said. “It’s a timeworn GOP strategy to suppress the black vote that is being recycled in the run-up to Election Day.”

The North Carolina Board of Elections said in a statement that the voter challenges were filed by “private citizens” and not elections officials.

“Our independent agency administers state and federal election laws,” it said. “The statutes at issue are decades old and are common across the country and widely regarded as compatible with the National Voter Registration Act. If the plaintiffs are right, then most states are wrong.”

Voter Suppression Law Will BACKFIRE on North Carolina GOP

Photo: Voters by Nodigio used under CC.

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