The LisaRaye App: Will it Help the Actress Find “The Right Man?”

Photo: SwagShow Flickr
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Actress Lisa Ray is shopping for a man and she’s doing it via her new LisaRaye App. The actress created an online dating series titled ManShopping to chronicle her search for “the right man.” As she explains in the promotional video, she ‘s looking for someone to uplift her and take her to places she’s never been.

Photo: SwagShow Flickr

Photo: SwagShow Flickr

Lisa Raye shared details about the app on her Instagram stating: “Get my new Free App- search for LisaRaye in App Store or Google Play today! You get exclusive access to my live streams, videos, photos and more! The LisaRaye Official App is an exclusive mix of premium content from my world, bringing you up close like never before. Insider access to behind-the-scenes photos, videos, stories, giveaways and interactive experiences…”

Lisa Raye shops for a man online:

Photo: Derivative of Lisa-Raye-Mccoy 2008 BET Awards Dinner by SwagShow, used under CC.

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