Black Hollywood Comes Together to Get People to the Polls: PSA Let’s “Show Up” and Vote:

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Black Hollywood actors, entertainers, hip-hop moguls, and other members of the entertainment industry come together in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to get people of color to the voting polls. Black Hollywood members are sending a message to the African American community–one that says,”Although many have expressed that they are not excited about either of the candidates this year, that does not excuse any of us from exercising our civil liberties to vote!”

Those who are seen in the PSA consist of Cedric The Entertainer, Meagan Good, Russell Simmons, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Chris Spencer, Logan Browning, Kendrick Sampson, Keisha Epps, Glynn Turman, Erica Campbell, DeVon Franklin and Dijon Talton.

Via the recently organized Artistic Alliance For Justice (AAJ), PSA producers Steven Jones (Brand Maverick Entertainment) & Kendrick Sampson (ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder) came up with the concept of the PSA to both inform and educate people of color on voter suppression tactics and how to prevail against such tactics used to deter their voices from being heard on election day.

“As people of color, voter suppression is a living and breathing issue in our neighborhoods and communities,” Jones says. “We created this PSA to help people of color avoid these tactics in hopes of helping them better exercise the civil liberties afforded to us under our constitution as American citizens.”

“I vote to show that I give a damn,” said legendary comedic actor Cedric The Entertainer. “To serve as an “elected” official is a privilege that must be earned by the people who put their confidence in you to speak on their behalf. Your vote let’s them know you’re watching and expect results. We the People must be heard!!! Use your Voice! VOTE!”

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A sentiment shared by iconic hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, stated, “Not voting is an endorsement of the candidate that you didn’t choose. The state of our nation is in your hands. Show up to the polls this November 8th!”

And in the words from one of the AAJ co-founders, Eva Marcille, “Voting is not just our right, but our sacred franchise. I have never had to take literacy test at a voting booth or been turned away at a polling place, nor have I ever been told I couldn’t vote because of the color of my skin. I’ve never experienced that because my right to vote is protected by the blood of our parents and grandparents. That’s why I’m voting and that’s why I want you to vote. Exercising our right to vote is what we owe.”

Source The Burlinton Wire

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