Your Vote–How Can We Matter in America If We Are Not Counted In America?

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“How can we matter in America if we are not counted in America?” On Saturday I went to early vote and I shared that experience with one of the most valuable people in my life, my daughter Nyla. As her mother, I am her 1st teacher, I have been given the awesome responsibility of imparting into her everything that I can about who she is as a child of God, an African American Woman, and a person of influence.


As others complained about having to stand in line, I was honored to stand in line for 2 1/2 hours and do my part to exercise my right to vote. My ancestors suffered humility, degradation, and death for us to have this right so the LEAST I could do was stand in a line to be counted!

To all of my friends and family members who are not planning on voting, how selfish can you be! Voting is not about you! It’s not about what is best for you. It is about sooo much more than that. Did our ancestors suffer in the matters in which they did because it WAS BEST FOR THEM?

It is about a movement, to be counted in the number, to be taken seriously as a unit, as a force and when we prove that we do not exist we weaken our force, we weaken our futures. Our children’s futures and our children’s children’s futures. Their future to ban together to produce buying and selling power. Their future to be taken seriously as a group of people and their future to even exit. As we walk around, to some WE DON’T EVEN EXIST. To some it has nothing to do with breathing and more about our ability to think and understand the effects we have on future generations. This is what we should think about when making decisions, not how I can look like I have everything going on.

Why is it that some people lose a dollar and all hell breaks loose and they are demanding more from our elected officials. However, we freely give these same people $300 to walk around with more money on our feet than set up for our children?
If we don’t know the value of a thing we will misuse it. The misuse of anything or anyone is called abuse. Many of us have abused our financial power and our vote, which is how we show that we are a force that matters.

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We can moan and complain about what is going on, but if we are never counted in the number we will never be taken seriously! Don’t you know there is strength in the numbers! So many have fought for us to have this right to be counted in the number and for their lives to be devalued by us thinking that it is all about little ole me, well that’s deplorable! We are not so big that we can effect change individually.

This is soooo not about Hillary or Donald . . . However, decisions will be made that effect the people closest to use as soon as evening roles around. The numbers will be looked at and the numbers don’t indicate which of us fought for our country or labored basically to “Make America Great” in the first place! We have been the cheap labor that fuels this economy and then we put our money right back into the economy at a rate quicker them it took to slave for it! We will just be numbers and those numbers will unfortunately decide many courses of actions for taking us seriously. So after this is all over, I encourage you to listen to and look at the numbers! We matter therefore we all should be counted!

I love you. Get out and vote! Take the time to take an elderly person to the polls, a single mom with no transportation, or a friend. Do it for your children and your children’s children!

How can we matter in America if we are not counted in America?

Joycesonia Lawson-Robinson
About the Author: Joycesonia Lawson, M. Ed. has worked in the public school system for 17 years. She is an educator, consultant, writer, and speaker. Educating her community is her passion and is embedded in everything that she does. She seeks to inform others, in order to start dialogues, which will result in improving our communities. Learn more at her website,

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