America Has Spoken: “Since My Life Doesn’t Matter Neither Does My Dollar… “

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Thank you America, I finally got it, I accept it, and I gladly say to you,”I no longer believe that my life matters to America. And, since my life doesn’t matter to you, neither do my dollars.”

Okay . . . I’m taking this all in right now. I totally understand the emotions on Facebook. However, right now I only see opportunity! America has spoken. I would rather you tell me to my face how you feel about me, than to tell me you care about my life, the lives of my children and, my future, but secretly you don’t. Again, right now I only see opportunity! Right now many of my friends and loved ones are in a broken state, but sometimes we have to go through the pain in order to change our behavior.


With a smile on my face, I write this to you. So many are in pain right now, but we will continue with are same behaviors.

Not me.

America has spoken loud and clear and even though we all have been exposed to how African Americans have been recently treated by police, banks, businesses, etc. We still didn’t listen. We actually believed that all men are created equal. . . not based on the Constitution of America. We know that minorities were not even considered men by the founders of the United States. Yes, they were the founders of the institution of the United States. Let’s get this straight, but they were never the natives of the land. However, we believe that all men are created equal because we are created in the image and likeness of God. Yes, because of sin, from the beginning man has wanted what was best for man. Not what was best for mankind, but what was best for “me, myself, and I”. We have seen the signs of this message all around us and I take full responsibility and I apologize for not listening.

However, I will listen now, thank you America for your honesty! You have been saying this for decades, but I didn’t listen. This morning when I woke up to the election results, I think I finally got it. I am no longer comfortable and discomfort is the breeding ground for change.

I don’t believe that this election was rigged. I accept this country’s decision. Now, you will accept my decision.

I no longer believe that my life matters to America. And, since my life doesn’t matter to you, neither do my dollars. I will educate myself, my children, my communities, and anyone else who wants to know the truth, so that I can support those that truly support me.

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Thank you America, I finally got it, I accept it, and I gladly say to you, “Since my Life Doesn’t Matter, Neither do my Dollars”.

As I said in my post from yesterday, America pays attention to numbers. Our votes and our buying power seem to be the only numbers that matter to this country. I am proud to say that I stood in line to exercise my right to vote as a citizen of the United States of America. I was counted in that number. Now, some businesses, banks, etc. can count me out! Yes, this will take time and education on my part, but I’m hurting enough to make a change. This is just what I needed!

I can’t control anyone else’s numbers, but I can control mine. I don’t know the future of the United States of America. I never have. However, I actually thought that we were moving in the right direction as a country. So I sincerely say, “Thank you America”! I truly believe that this is exactly what I needed! Now I’m going to take some lessons from American and only focus on my direction towards economic empowerment for me, my children, my people, and people who feel that they do not matter.

I urge everyone else to support causes, businesses, banks, etc that support you! I urge you to think about the clothes that you wear, the drinks that you buy, the shoes that you walk in (well buy from now on, I’m not about to throw away perfectly good shoes). I urge you to think about the products that you purchase and all the other places that your money goes from now on. I urge you to research, educate yourself and your children, and to share information about businesses who show that we matter.

I don’t feel the need to rant and rave, curse or complain, march or sing. I choose to smile, hold my head up high, and speak your language.

Again, “Since my Life Doesn’t Matter, Neither does my Dollar.”

The movement continues…

Joycesonia Lawson-Robinson
About the Author: Joycesonia Lawson, M. Ed. has worked in the public school system for 17 years. She is an educator, consultant, writer, and speaker. Educating her community is her passion and is embedded in everything that she does. She seeks to inform others, in order to start dialogues, which will result in improving our communities. Learn more at her website,

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