Keke Palmer Shares Details on Her New Album “Lauren,” Releases New Videos “Hands Free” and “Jealous”

Video Screenshot "Jealous"
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Keke Palmer releases her new video, “Hands Free” and the talented singer shares details on her new album “Lauren” inspired by the ups and downs of her past relationships and love life. She may have launched her career as a child star—first in the film Akeelah and the Bee, then in Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, but Palmer has evolved from a sweet teenage starlet to a mature, explicit language spewing maven, who has found her voice. She is building a brand while at the same time inserting herself in the music industry as a force that stimulates change and progress.

Video Screenshot "Jealous"

Video Screenshot “Jealous”

“In the entertainment industry, it’s easy to make it all about the fame. But the end-game is to follow your dreams. Being back home is a strong reminder of that, and hopefully it shows these kids, Hey, it’s really out there. The world we dreamed of is really there for y’all,” Palmer explains to Chicago Mag.

Video Screenshot "Hands Free"

Video Screenshot “Hands Free”

Keke Palmer was born Lauren Keyana Palmer and she has titled her new album “Lauren.” She explains to ThisIsRnB that Lauren represents who she really is and what she has gone through in life.

“Lauren is just the foundation of who Keke is; she is from Chicago, she comes from a family of six, she is everything that you don’t know about Keke Palmer. She’s been through a lot and she carries a lot—she is just that down home Chicago girl.”

In filming a series of videos for the album, Palmer takes fans behind the scenes as she returned to her grandmother’s house in Chicago to film a music video for “Jealous.”

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Watch the video of making “Jealous” below.

Watch “Hands Free”

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